Carolina is a professional and nails it every time on great finds for my style. When I asked her to do virtual styling, she worked late at night to find me everything I needed to send me all the links before Black Friday hit. Everything went on sale and I had a wonderful holiday wardrobe mapped out as a result. She's the best and can't shop without her now! - Alicia G. 


Carolina is an amazing stylist. Carolina made me feel so comfortable during the closet audit. I have two young kids so my closet and body image are not in the best shape these days.  As I tried on my clothes, I learned a lot about what styles work for my body and what are unflattering. It felt so good to get rid of all of the things that were just cluttering up my closet! I don't usually enjoy shopping but with Carolina it is so easy.  She is very organized and efficient so we accomplished so much more than I thought was possible. I found some great staples and I LOVED every piece I bought. I can't say enough how great the whole experience was for me. Thank you, Carolina! - Lara K.


Carolina came to my house and helped me go through every single item of clothing. She left three hours later with FIVE garbage bags of clothes... some ill fitting, some out of date, some loved a little too long. She helped me say goodbye to all of it with her honesty coupled with understanding and kindness. The experience was cathartic and the feeling now? RELIEF! - Denise P.


I'll admit, I'm not a shopper, never was - I LOVE not having to go out and shop by myself anymore. Carolina makes it so easy. Everything was in the fitting room waiting for me. She was very efficient and definitely knew exactly what worked with my figure. This was especially helpful during the closet audit. She made it go by so quickly. She is on it! I highly recommend her!  - Beth P.


Carolina - thank you. I do not enjoy shopping. With you in my pocket I may never enter another department store, at least not without already looking awesome and confident! You made me feel really special in the way you heard me and acknowledged me. The ideas on style combinations are most appreciated as I need help with finding my style. Thank you so much! I feel like I'm dancing in abundance having my own personal stylist :) So fun! - Debra J.