Carolina Boersma

After working in the fast-paced corporate world, primarily in the fashion and beauty industries, for more than a decade here in the Bay Area, I now love working one-on-one with women where I have the honor to watch them transform before my eyes. Often times, sessions begin with frustration over clothes not fitting properly or a closet full of clothes, yet nothing-to-wear-dilemmas. Then, after only a short time working together, women begin to feel more confident and stylish, and can see their wardrobe in a new light. Although I ultimately believe that confidence comes from within, I have also seen that what you wear can help bring that inner confidence to the surface.

I now live in Marin with my husband and two children. I know first-hand, as a mom of two little ones, how difficult it is being a mom and taking time for yourself. Keeping that in mind, I work to create effortless (yet always stylish) outfits a priority for my mom clients.

Ultimately, I love to help and inspire women of all ages and of all walks of life to make style work for them. So whether you’re in the dating scene, starting a new career, navigating life as a new mom, or enjoying the perks of retirement, I’d love the opportunity to work with you!